Privacy Policy

I, the undersigned applicant (duly assisted by my legal guardian where I am under the age of 18), and the legal guardian hereby consent to the collection, collation, processing and/or disclosure of my personal information in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (the “Act”), and confirm that:

  1. The personal information is supplied voluntarily, without undue influence from any party and not under any duress;
  2. The purpose of processing the personal information will be for the application process of the applicant to the University of Johannesburg and any governance related thereto;
  3. The information, which is supplied herewith, is necessary for the purposes of this application and that without such information; UJ will may not be able to consider the applicant’s application;
  4. Failure to provide the information might result in the University of Johannesburg not being able to process the applicant’s application;
  5. UJ may, as required in terms of legislation or other formal structures, be required to collect the information in order to report to the Minister of Higher Education and Training, and for responsible record keeping and statistical purposes.
  6. UJ may only where applicable, and in terms of the Act transfer the information, it has collected to a third party/organisation.
    I hereby provide my express written consent to UJ for the collection, collation, processing and/or disclosure of any of my personal information, without prejudice to other legal grounds upon which UJ is permitted or required to do so.